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Monday, July 31, 2006

"HOT LOVE" in the Czech Republic

(Originally posted on 7/20/06)

So food in Prague continues to be interesting. Last Saturday, we went to this small town called Bechyne. It was an absolutely beautiful town, but the restaurant we ate at was not so great. I had grilled chicken breast with a honey and sweet corn sauce and pommes frites. This turned out to be a (frozen) chicken breast grilled with some honey and some canned corn thrown on it and Ore Ida style french fries.

Below is a picture of the "enchiladas" that Hilen (the Argentinian TA) ordered. If you look at the picture closely, you will see that the enchilada sauce was actually ketchup!!

It's all relative though--compared to the dorm food, we were all in heaven. (Not to totally dismiss the cuisine in Prague--I've had excellent Bratwurst, risotto, and Turkish food. Unfortunately, Mexican and other ethnic cuisines aren't well-represented here.)

But the BEST part about the restaurant was that Lou was flipping through the dessert menu and he goes, "Wow, they have Hot Love for dessert. I think I'm gonna have some Hot Love." It was the name of a dessert with vanilla ice cream and raspberries. But all the rest of the desserts had regular names like "Strawberries and Creme" and such. So when the waitress comes to take our dessert order, he says with a totally straight face, "I'd really like to have some Hot Love." We all started cracking up and this poor waitress was probably like, "Crazy Americans..." Then when he was eating the Hot Love, he managed to spill some of the ice cream and was like, "Oh, damn. I hate it when I get Hot Love all over my shirt." This whole incident was probably mostly hilarious because up until that day, Lou was totally reserved and quiet and serious all the time. Now we can't shut him up! He cracks us up.


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