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Monday, July 31, 2006

Special Post for Rico: Manpris

(Originally posted on 7/20/06)

A few of the guys have humored me and let me take pictures of them in their manpris. There are numerous others who wear manpris as well... I thought about trying to get some pictures of random dudes on the street, but decided that would be weird even for me. So here's a sampling of the European manpri style.

First is Marco... wearing lightweight, white manpris with black shirt and black flip flops. Note how the contrasting colors draws attention to the manpris.

Here's Omar, wearing denim manpris, also with flip flops. Casual, yet stylish.

And here's Shun, rocking some khaki cargo manpris. A less risky move in the States, but I would still say that these are technically manpris.


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