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Monday, July 31, 2006

Two Students Attacked

(Originally posted on 7/17/06)

Two of our female students were attacked outside the dorm early Sunday morning. The girls were talking in front of the building when a young guy came up (apparently high or drunk or something) and started talking to them. Then all of a sudden, he just started hitting them. One girl ended up with just a minor black eye. The other ended up with a broken nose and a really severe black eye. Her eye is swollen completely shut and looks really horrendous. (This girl was vomiting blood through the night and next day, because of the amount of blood in her lungs.) We went to see the girls last night in their rooms and they both just cried and said how sorry and ashamed they felt--they were worried they were going to be expelled from the program! We told them not to be silly, that it wasn't their fault, and that we were proud of them for being so strong and wanting to continue in the program. They aren't even going to tell their parents because they don't want their parents to make them come home!! :-( These girls are such an inspiration!


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