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Monday, July 31, 2006

Second Impressions of Life in Prague

(Originally posted on 7/12/06)

Hey fools. More thoughts on life in Prag-u...

On Fitness and Diet

Well, for starters, I am totally jonesing to play some basketball--I think it's been like five days since I played last and I'm feeling kind of slothful. (I ran this morning in the freakin' heat wave for a measly 20 minutes and was pretty proud of myself.) We finally found a court and got a ball, so should be able to start playing tonight. Otherwise, I haven't been able to work out much due to the heat and the lack of adequate gym facilities, but I am not too worried yet. This is because I am pretty much living solely on the pork (or other fried meat) dinners provided by the program. Which basically means I am eating next to nothing. Hopefully I will lose weight while I'm here since I am too cheap to buy my own food at the grocery store and I can't figure out what anything is anyway. Plus, I am sweating buckets everyday with the 90+ degree heat, so if nothing else I will lose water weight.

On Communicating with Czech Natives

Communicating with people is not so bad. Most people speak English and if I can't make myself understood verbally, I just make shadow puppets or do charades. Good thing I learned how to do charades with my friends before I left. Thanks to all my gay guy friends, I now can do RuPaul, Star Jones, and Madonna perfectly. I am confident these topics will come up in conversation with the Czech natives sooner or later.

On Dealing with the Heat

You see more men in Prag-u who are shirtless than anywhere else in the world. And while Eastern European women are beautiful and have the most amazing physiques, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for European men. Also, European men do not believe in deodorant. The past few days have been like walking around in a BO-scented oven. Totally nasty. So if you visit Europe, make sure to figure out which way the wind is blowing.


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