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Monday, July 31, 2006

First Impressions of Life in Prague

(Originally posted on 7/11/06)

A few things to note...The food is pretty much what I expected--stuff my family would love, but that I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole in the states. First night's dinner was some kind of pork with gravy and rice. The one good thing was this cucumber salad--basically cucumbers with vinegar and sugar... just like a Japanese style salad, so I enjoyed it. Everyone else thought it was weird. The second night we had a breaded and fried chicken breast with gravy and potatoes. BLECCCHHHHHH!!!

This brings me to my second point. I don't know how, but European women are unbelievably thin. I told you all how I didn't want to be like the "fat American" in Prague, but seriously dudes: I must be at like the 90th percentile (100th being the fattest). And it's not that I think that I am fat... it's just that these women are SO skinny and they're all like 6 feet tall. They make Nicole Richie look normal. YIKES!!! They are all super trendy and fashionable, so I'm a little upset that Mom encouraged me to bring less clothing. BOO! I think I'm doing all right though.

And the fashion thing brings me to my third point. There are so many man-pris out here!! Rico, I say wear your man-pris and be proud. Don't let anyone get you down--tell people you're from Spain and it will be all good (especially since Americans don't know Costa Rica from Spain anyways!). The TAs have pointed out too that the men here all seem to wear really bright colors compared to in the states. I said I hadn't really noticed that. I think I must be too used to hanging out with gay men. LOL!!!


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