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Monday, July 31, 2006

Worse Than Vampires: Scary Marionettes

(Originally posted on 7/20/06)

We were walking home from dinner at like 10 at night on Monday. It was dark out and for some reason I looked up into one of the windows right above us because it was the only window on the street that was lit. I could see that there were these two hanging things inside that looked like corpses. They were just marionettes (which Prague is known for), but it was so freaky because they looked like TWO CHILDREN BEING HANGED. It reminded me of that scene in "The Sixth Sense," when you see those hanging bodies in the school building. It was so weird to see this in the one lit window on the street. Here's a picture I took. It's a little dark, but if you had seen it in person you would have thought it was creepy too, believe me. (We all thought it was kinda scary. Or maybe everyone else was humoring me.)


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