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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pictures from Graduation Day

So the last day in Prague started with the economics final exam... Then, we had a break for lunch... Then we had the graduation ceremony... And after that was the graduation party.

Here's a picture of the exam I proctored--70 students taking the econ exam for graduate credit... which means 70 exams I have to grade in the next couple of weeks!! Ack!

Here's one from lunch after the final exam, but before the graduation ceremony. Mike's favorite meal in Prague is pork knuckle. On his first day in Prague, we had lunch at this pub (one of the only air-conditioned restaurants in Prague) and he had a pork knuckle then too. On the last day, we decided to go to the same place so he could have another one... He ate the whole thing both times... along with a big glass of pivo of course!

Following the graduation ceremony, there was a nice reception--here's one from the reception: me with Peter (from Slovakia) on the left and Pavel (from the Czech Republic) on the right. They were two of the nicest guys!

Here's another one from the graduation reception. That's Jan (the Czech logistics guy--Mr. Janda!) on the left.

And this is Jan, Hilen, me, Kirsten, and Matt at the graduation party. Matt is smashed. Matt and Jan are wearing t-shirts we had made for them as thank-you gifts. :-) Matt's says "The best of... the best of the best of the best........." (It was an ongoing joke through the 3-week program because of Matt's speech at orientation.) Jan's says "Husband For Hire. JJ fixes everything" in Spanish. We got it because Jan is the fix-it guy. Whenever anything went wrong, we called on Jan to fix it. And it's in Spanish because Jan is learning Spanish--he speaks like 5 languages. He's amazing! Ahhh, good times.


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