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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lou's Funny Stories

So Lou, the 4th TA, had some hilarious stories. So our breakfast conversations were always like this

Lou: Wendy, did I ever tell you about that time when my girlfriend in high school bought me this really big gold chain for my birthday?

Me: Um... No....

Lou: So, I had this girlfriend in high school... and for my birthday, she bought me this really big, gold-plated chain......."

[Me: Sitting there wondering what the hell he was talking about....]

But the best story went like this:

Lou: Wendy, did I ever tell you about that time when I got beat up by a bunch of kids?"

Me: Um... No...

Lou: So my friend and I were walking to the bus stop and I was counting my change when this guy--he looked like he was about 12--comes up and says, "Give me your money!" I was like, "No. I need it for the bus." So the guy says to my buddy, "Give me your watch!" And my friend goes, "No." So the kid goes away and my buddy and I kept walking to the bus stop. A few minutes later, the guy comes back with like 10 of his friends and they start hitting us and pounding on us and we tried to run away, but they just kept hitting us.

Me (horrified): Oh my god! How old were you when this happened?!

Lou: 22.

I almost died laughing... The guy does have a good sense of humor.

He's also really into puns. One night, he and I were walking back from somewhere and he goes, "What do you call two politicians in Prague doing a tightrope act?" And I was like, "Um. I don't know--what?" So he starts laughing at his own joke as he answers: "Czechs and balances."

He reeled off like 6 of them in a row. He must have been thinking of them in advance. Here is a sampling:

What do you call a girlfriend you meet in Prague? (Answer: Czech mate)

What do you say to the cashier at a grocery store in Prague? (Answer: Czech me out)

What do you call a person in Prague on a pogo stick? (Answer: Bounced Czech)

Ugh. I hate puns.


At 1:29 PM, Blogger Richie said...

I think he needs to Czech himself before he wrecks himself.

At 2:12 PM, Blogger wendy_kei said...

i wish i had thought of that when i was with lou. Q: what would ice cube say to another rapper in prague? A: you better czech yourself before you wreck yourself.


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