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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weight a Minute...?

So yesterday, after four weeks of eating a whole lot of junk (since my Prague diet consisted primarily of fried foods, ice cream, pastries, and such) and working out sporadically at best, I got on the scale to assess the damage. I almost fell onto the floor when I saw the results. According to my scale, I have not gained any weight from before my trip!

This must mean one of two things--either:

1) I've been working out and eating healthy for God knows how many years for no good reason,


2) My scale is broken and I really weigh 350 pounds.

Hmmm, I hope I don't weight 350 pounds.


At 7:59 AM, Blogger Sue & Mike said...

I guarantee that you don't weigh 350 pounds, Wendy. An alternate theory is that you worked/sweated off those calories as fast as you consumed them. The correct theory, of course, is that beer and pork is nature's perfect diet. :-)


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